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Can Artificial Turf in Boise Burn Dogs’ Feet?

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Today’s turf misconceptions are rooted in yesterday’s artificial grass. This includes the concern that artificial turf in Boise can get scorching hot.

If you own a dog and you’re interested in switching, you may be wondering if that’s true. After all, your dog’s paws will be in direct contact with your new synthetic lawn, and you want them to be safe and comfortable at all times.

To answer that question, we need to look into why that misconception exists in the first place.

Does Artificial Turf in Boise Get Too Hot?

The old, low-quality ones certainly did. If you’ve ever touched plastic that’s been left out in the sun for too long, you know that it can get extremely hot.

The problem was that earlier versions of artificial grass (especially the poor-quality ones) were basically just plastic fibers situated on top of a thin layer of foam or rubber. As mentioned, plastic can get very hot in direct sunlight, and that heat gets trapped by the foam or rubber.

You can just imagine how painful it would be for a dog’s sensitive paws to walk over that surface.

So, What About Today’s Artificial Grass?

Things have come a long way since then! Modern artificial turf products use high-grade polyethylene fibers and a specially designed multi-layer base system that helps dissipate heat.

Additionally, the fibers themselves have been designed to reflect sunlight, which keeps the surface temperature much lower than if it were an unprotected piece of plastic.

The other elements of an artificial grass installation for dogs also work together to keep the surface temperature lower, such as:

  • Infill: Special kinds of infill are designed to keep artificial grass cool. It doesn’t hold on to heat, while providing stability, cushioning, and drainage.
  • Drainage: Even if the infill absorbs some heat, a properly installed artificial grass system should have excellent drainage capabilities. This helps ensure that water and other liquids evaporate quickly to keep the surface cooler.
  • Base Layer: Under all that beautiful artificial grass lies a special base layer that further keeps the surface temperature down. Instead of dry, packed soil, the crushed gravel base keeps the artificial turf aerated and cool.

So, Can Artificial Grass in Boise Burn Dogs’ Feet?

The answer is a resounding no. With all the modern technological advances and safety measures, today’s artificial grass is much more comfortable for your dog to walk on compared to its predecessors.

Artificial grass also stays much cooler than asphalt, concrete, gravel, and other hard surfaces under direct sunlight.

Of course, observe precautions as well. Natural grass or not, keep your dogs inside when the sun is at its peak. You can also do a few things to cool down your artificial lawn even more:

  • Cover the area with shade
  • Water the artificial grass to cool it down
  • Install a water feature for your dog to play in
  • Turn on an outdoor fan
  • Plant trees and flowers around your artificial turf installation

By following these simple tips and understanding the science behind dog friendly artificial grass in Boise Idaho, you can feel confident that your dog stays safe when it’s hot out.

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