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How Does Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass in Boise, Idaho Keep Yards Smelling Fresh?

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Living in the Gem State’s capital lets people enjoy a quaint city charm paired with the beauty of Idaho’s outdoors. However, for dog owners, pet-related lawn odors can pose a challenge, transforming a beautiful yard into a smelly spot.

Fortunately, there’s a way to have a year-round, always reen, pet-friendly, and odor-free haven. The answer lies in dog-friendly artificial grass in Boise, Idaho.

How Do Dogs Make Yards Smelly?

Your canine friend loves to play, run, and do its business in your yard. But these activities can lead to lingering odors over time, making your outdoor space less enjoyable.

Dog urine and feces can be the primary contributors to unpleasant smells in a yard. When dogs relieve themselves on natural grass, the waste material breaks down and releases ammonia, which leads to a strong, unpleasant odor. 

Left unchecked, this can permeate your entire yard, making outdoor fun less appealing.

Why Is It Hard to Keep Pet Lawns Odor-Free?

Keeping a yard with pets odor-free is a real challenge. Some might wonder why, despite investing time and resources in yard care, pet odors persist.

Natural grass lawns work against pet owners in several ways. For example, natural lawn fibers absorb urine and no amount of watering can entirely wash away its traces, which contributes to the smell. 

Moreover, natural grass provides an ideal environment for bacteria, resulting in an ongoing battle with pet odors

5 Artificial Grass Features for Odor Control

If you’re tired of dealing with persistent pet odors in your yard, dog-friendly artificial grass in Boise, Idaho offers robust features for odor control. Check out these five features:

1. Drainage System

Artificial grass comes with a distinguished drainage system- a vital feature for keeping your yards free from unpleasant odors. 

It uses a carefully engineered, porous backing layer that lets pet urine pass through rather than settling on the surface or soaking into the blades. This is a game changer because no urine residue means no pungent smells. 

2. Non-Absorbent Fibers

Unlike natural fibers that act like a sponge, soaking up every drop of dog urine and retaining the offensive smell, artificial grass boasts of its non-absorbent fibers. 

These polyethylene or polypropylene fibers are particularly designed to replicate the look of natural grass while leaving out its unwanted absorbing features. You’ll find this especially useful when you’ve got more than one pet. 

3. Infill Options

Premium dog-friendly artificial grass in Boise, Idaho offers various infill options with odor-neutralizing properties. Some absorb and neutralize the ammonia in pet urine, the main culprit behind the notorious smell. 

So, even after your dog’s numerous yard visits, instead of a urine smell, you’ll still have a fresh lawn. It proves even more effective when you’re a pet parent to large breeds like the German Shepherd or the Saint Bernard, who can produce a lot of waste. It’s no wonder synthetic turf is becoming a common sight in dog parks.

4. Easy Clean-Up

Cleaning is integral in maintaining a wonderful, odor-free environment in your yard. Thankfully, artificial grass makes this chore hassle-free. 

Solid waste sits right on top of the artificial blades, making it easy to spot and clean up. For liquid waste, a hose down with water is usually enough to keep the surface clean. 

So, whether you have a Chihuahua that pees tiny amounts or a playful Golden Retriever that frequently needs bathroom breaks, a quick wash ensures your lawn smells good at all times.

5. Antimicrobial Properties

Did you know that some artificial grasses are embedded with antimicrobial agents? These materials inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes responsible for producing foul smells in your yard. 

This feature becomes crucial if your dog likes to explore Boise’s wilderness and can bring home unwanted germs. The antimicrobial artificial grass keeps your yard smelling fresh and also ensures a safer play environment for your faithful companion.

Say Goodbye to Stinky Yards

Ready to invest in a solution that guarantees an odor-free, lush green yard regardless of how playful your pets are? Boise Artificial Grass Pros is here to help! Don’t spend another summer with a smelly yard. Get in touch today for top-notch synthetic turf products and solutions. 

Let’s turn your Boise yard into a fresh, fun space for you and your four-legged family members. Send us a message online or call us at 208-909-4026 for a free consultation!