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Can Putting Damage Artificial Grass in Boise for Golf?

Golf Turf Damages That Dont Form on Artificial Grass-boise

Your putting green is prone to damage from swing impact, ball friction, and foot traffic. So much so that it often needs repairs after rounds. But why put up with the hassles of fixing it up when you can have a putting green that’s impervious to golf damage? All it takes is switching to artificial grass in Boise.

Types of Golf Turf Damage That Don’t Affect Artificial Grass

Once you go synthetic, you’ll never have to deal with the following types of turf damage again:


Divots are the bane of putting greens everywhere.They appear where golf balls hit the ground or golf clubs strike the turf, and they often leave deep craters on the dirt. The depth of a divot depends on how frequently a ball hits the ground and with what force.

But divots can’t form on artificial grass in Boise because it’s resistant to impact damage. Plus, it helps that artificial grass doesn’t get soft and muddy when it rains. Those conditions make it more likely for divots to form on the putting green.

Ball Marks

Ball marks usually develop when the golf ball hits the green from a high shot. They make the putting surface bumpy, which can throw off your rhythm and timing.

However, that’s not a problem in synthetic putting greens. This is because artificial turf in Boise has a tight weave of polyethylene fibers that are impervious to impact damage. So even if the ball hits and bounces on the surface hard, the turf won’t form ball marks.

Flat Turf

Round after round of golf on your putting green can bend, break, and flatten its grass due to foot traffic. This will create an uneven play surface.Foot traffic will not only damage the turf but also compact the soil. That can make it difficult for grass roots to absorb the water and nutrients in the soil. That will, in turn, weaken the grass and eventually kill it.

In contrast, even if you spend hours walking and playing on your synthetic putting green, its turf won’t get flat. The artificial grass blades will spring back once your weight is gone. If they don’t, you can always brush them upright again.

Invest in Artificial Putting Green Grass in Boise, Idaho

Once you go synthetic, you’ll never have to do regular repairs on your putting green. You can focus more on relaxing or figuring out how you can improve your game after rounds.

For artificial grass for putting greens that’s impervious to golf damage, look no further than Boise Artificial Grass Pros. Consider your installation done with our team on the job. You can also count on us for landscaping solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions about artificial golf turf and why it’s better than natural grass.

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