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How Does Synthetic Putting Green Grass Take Golf Club Impact-boise

Can artificial putting green grass in Boise, Idaho weather the impact of golf clubs without showing signs of damage? The answer is a resounding yes! It’s one of the reasons why it has become a popular choice for putting greens. Why Is Artificial Grass Impervious to Golf Club Damage? Artificial putting green exhibits an impressive…

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7 Golf Fees Eliminated by Putting Green Grass-boise

Golfing, a beloved pastime for many, often carries a hefty price tag due to ongoing golf course fees. The great news is that a revolution is underway in the form of putting green grass in Boise, Idaho.  Synthetic alternatives not only replicate the playing experience of traditional courses but also offer a cost-effective solution by…

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Real Turf vs. Artificial Grass in Boise for Putting Greens

A backyard putting green is a great amenity because it’ll let you practice your putts and play short games as much as you want. It also looks good enough to improve curb appeal. You have two ground cover options for your putting green: natural turf and artificial grass in Boise. Both have pros and cons,…

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Artificial Turf Design Ideas for Decks and Patios

The deck and patio are the best places to enjoy your backyard. And with artificial turf in Boise, you can make them even better. Artificial grass is a great way to bring style and function to your deck or patio. It’s easy to install, stays lush and green all year round, and requires little maintenance.…

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Fire Safety FAQs About Residential Artificial Grass

The most obvious fire hazard in your yard is probably your lawn. Grass catches fire easily, so it’s not ideal if you often host bonfires, barbecues and other open-flame activities. But don’t worry! You don’t have to replace your grass with hardscapes to continue your fire activities. Residential artificial grass in Boise Idaho is a…

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Real Grass vs. Artificial Putting Green Grass

Once you decide to install a putting green in your backyard, expect a few things to happen. First, your lawn will instantly look like a million bucks. Next, you’ll now have all the time in the world to perfect your short game. And lastly, your family and friends will naturally start spending more time in…

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