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Creative Design Ideas for Decks and Patios Using Artificial Turf in Boise

Artificial Turf Design Ideas for Decks and Patios

The deck and patio are the best places to enjoy your backyard. And with artificial turf in Boise, you can make them even better.

Artificial grass is a great way to bring style and function to your deck or patio. It’s easy to install, stays lush and green all year round, and requires little maintenance. So you can spend more time relaxing in your outdoor space.

Ready to style up your deck or patio? Check out these design ideas:

Make an Outdoor Kitchen Spill- and Stain-Proof

A deck or patio is the perfect place to entertain guests and host parties, but you don’t want food stains on your grass. Now you can make your outdoor kitchen spill-proof with artificial turf!All you need to do is add a layer of artificial grass to the top of your existing deck or patio. The grass will prevent any spills from seeping through to the surface below.

Design a Patio Bar

If you have an outdoor bar area in your home, you know that it can be difficult to keep it looking nice. This is because frequent foot traffic causes dirt, dust and grime to build up on the flooring material underneath the bar. This can make it seem dirty even when it’s really clean.

The solution? Add artificial turf in Boise over your existing flooring. That way people won’t track in dirt from outside onto your beautiful new bar area.

Stay Cozy With a Fire Pit

A fire pit is an awesome focal point for your deck or patio. But it can be hard to keep it looking good. And that’s where artificial grass comes in.

Artificial grass is durable, easy to clean and looks beautiful  year round. it’s perfect for a deck or patio with a fire pit. Moreover, its soft, lush fibers provide a great contrast to the hardscapes around the fire pit. If you’re worried about fire safety, check out this guide.

Spruce Up an Island Deck

Island decks are great because they give you space to relax while still being connected to your home. But sometimes they can feel… disconnected.Artificial grass can help solve this problem by bringing some life into your island deck. This will make it feel like part of the home instead of an afterthought.

Have Cookouts With a Grill Gazebo

If you’re looking to upgrade your deck or patio, why not add a grill gazebo? This will allow you to grill in style, whether it’s for gatherings with friends and family or just for yourself. It’ll also give you a place to relax when it gets too hot or cold outside.

You can make the gazebo more inviting with artificial grass in Boise. Consider installing turf in the high-traffic areas of the space to make it easier to maintain.

Set Up a Putting Green

Creating your own putting green on your deck or patio is another great way to upgrade your space. It won’t just make playing golf more enjoyable. But it can also bring people together by giving them something fun to do together as well.

Artificial grass is perfect for putting greens because it performs like the turf in golf courses. Moreover, it doesn’t take damage from golf swings and ball rolls.

Level Up Your Outdoor Space With Residential Artificial Grass in Boise, Idaho

If you’re looking for a new deck or patio, we can help!

Here at Boise Artificial Grass Pros, we specialize in artificial grass products and landscaping solutions. We’d love to talk through your project with you—whether it’s just some design advice or a full-on installation for your backyard. So what are you waiting for? Contact us online today!

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