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How Does Residential Artificial Grass in Boise, Idaho Make Backyard Playgrounds Safer

How Does Artificial Grass Make Backyard Playgrounds Safer-boise

Nothing beats watching your children laugh and have fun at a playground. Unfortunately, if you live far from one, you can probably only take your kids there on planned trips. So why not build one in your backyard instead? Your kids will enjoy playing in their very own playground everyday, and you can customize it to have all their favorite play equipment. You just need to make sure it’s safe for them. Start by installing residential artificial grass in Boise, Idaho.

How Dangerous Are Playgrounds?

It’s not uncommon for kids to get hurt while playing on playgrounds. Most children have gotten scrapes from taking a tumble and landing on a rough floor. However, some kids suffer worse injuries than others. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 45% of playground-related injuries are severe. They include concussions, fractures, dislocations, internal injuries and even amputations.

Swings are responsible for most injuries at home playgrounds, while climbers are the common culprit on public playgrounds. In short, the more serious injuries often happen to kids falling on the hard ground from a high place.

How Does Artificial Grass Make Backyard Playgrounds Safer?

Residential artificial grass in Boise, Idaho absorbs impact better than hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. That means if your kids tumble while they’re playing on it, they’re less likely to suffer serious injuries from that fall.

So consider artificial grass if you plan to get monkey bars, climbers and other high play equipment for your backyard playground. Its fibers are lush and springy, so your little ones won’t get scrapes if they slip on it.

Moreover, it’s UV protected and has insulating properties. That helps synthetic grass stay cool in the summer—meaning it never gets hot enough to burn.

Want to let your little ones feel the joy of playing in the rain? No problem! Unlike real grass, artificial grass doesn’t get slippery when wet.

And if one of your kids has grass allergies, you won’t have to worry about synthetic turf triggering a reaction. After all, it’s not organic, so it doesn’t produce pollen.

Play Equipment Ideas for Your Backyard Playground

Can’t decide on a piece of playground equipment? Consider these features and how you can use residential artificial grass in Boise to make them safer:


Slides are a playground staple because they’re a lot of fun to play on. Consider placing artificial grass on its landing area to give your kids a softer destination. You can also install artificial grass under the slide for a more complete look.


Swings are another great way for children to get active and have fun! But too often, they can be unsafe if there’s no soft surface for kids to land on if they fall off. Artificial grass can provide that cushioning, making swings safer and more fun for kids.

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars will help your kids exercise and build their muscles as they climb, swing and hang from them. Just make sure to install artificial grass under it to give your kids a soft landing area.

Keep Your Kids Happy and Safe With Artificial Turf in Boise

We can help you create a backyard playground that your kids will love and we can do it fast!

Here at Boise Artificial Grass Pros, we offer high-quality artificial grass for playgrounds that is soft, durable and environmentally friendly. We also offer synthetic turf installation services and you can trust our team to handle the job with the care it deserves.

Do you have questions, want design ideas or are you ready to get started? Contact us online today!

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